County party fundraising drops

Combined fundraising by county political party organizations is down 39% from 2006, according to a report issued by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) today.  Democrats are down 45% and Republicans are down 24%.

“It is clear that State “pay-to-play” restrictions, which are intended to discourage public contractors from making large political contributions, and the economic downturn are continuing to depress fundraising,’’ said Jeff Brindle, the ELEC executive director.

As of March 31, Democratic county organizations had a total net worth of $1,581,478, while their GOP counterparts were worth $970,091.  Both parties spent less than they did during the first quarter of 2006.  Democrats spent $822,985, down 43% from $1.449 million at the same point four years ago.  Republicans are down 33% — from $516,056 to $343,810.

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