Court overturns Christie restrictions on union contributions

A New Jersey Appellate Court today overturned Gov. Christopher Christie’s executive order that restricted labor unions from contributing to political campaigns, and said Christie should pursue his goals through legislation.

“We do not reach this conclusion lightly. Nor do we otherwise discount or question the Governor’s policy objectives or his considerable and well-established constitutional authority over the Executive Branch and the management of the State workforce,” the judges wrote. “We simply hold that what (the executive order) seeks to achieve must be pursued through legislation.”

Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan (D-Union) called it a political victory.

“This is a victory for millions of working class New Jerseyans who wish to participate in our democratic process,” said Cryan. “It’s also another rebuke for a governor who too often would rather rule by dictatorial fiat.

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Court overturns Christie restrictions on union contributions