Cuomo Widens Lead Over Lazio, Gillibrand Hovers

Andrew Cuomo has increased his lead over Republican Rick Lazio, according to a new poll by Marist.

Mr. Cuomo now leads 65-25 percent among registered voters, up from 61-30 in Marist’s March poll.

Cuomo leads the other major Republican gubernatorial candidate, Steve Levy, 63-25 percent, according to Marist’s latest figures. That’s down slightly from the March poll, when Cuomo led Levy 65-26.

The approval rating for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand remains–in Marist’s words–“stuck” at 27 percent.

But Ms. Gillibrand still leads a crowded field of mostly-unknown Republican rivals.

Among them, former Congerssman Joe DioGuardi–whose name has become a little more famous thanks to his daughter’s role as a judge on American Idol–leads the primary field with 31 percent of the vote among registered Republicans. Bruce Blakeman–the first to declare his intention to run–comes in a distant second place with 13 percent of the vote. Lagging just behind is former George W. Bush advisor, David Malpass, with 12 percent.

Leading them all, with 44 percent of the vote, is the undecided option. Cuomo Widens Lead Over Lazio, Gillibrand Hovers