D.C. Shocker: Wire Stars Barred From Capitol File’s V.I.P. Balcony

“I’ve never seen Obama in the flesh, but I’ve watched everything he’s ever done,” said Dominic West, who played Jimmy McNulty on The Wire-“and I’m even more in worship of him than I was before.”

It was after 11 p.m. on Saturday, May 1, in the foyer of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., where the incongruous combo of the chef Bobby Flay and CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer were co-hosting a Capitol File after-party for the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Mr. West was standing right where Kim Kardashian had fought her way through a clamoring mob a few minutes earlier, while her escort, Greta Van Susteren, played the patient handmaiden.

“This isn’t about politics,” said Hardball host Chris Matthews. “It’s about the scene. Wherever you have a lot of people together at an event like this, good-looking people show up. And they just stand around. So you’ll notice groups of good-looking people just standing around because they’ve heard there’s a scene. And since they make it on looks, they must be seen.”

All the pretty faces made the party planners nervous. Press people asked reporters not to bother the guests inside. Security was tight: Lists were dutifully double-checked; IDs were required.

In the ballroom, Mr. West sauntered along behind two of his co-stars-Michael K. Williams (the scar-faced bandit Omar) and Sonja Sohn (Kima, the tough lesbian cop)-who were holding hands (unromantically) and making a beeline for a back staircase, where a beefy security guard protected the entrance to a VIP balcony.

Mr. Williams whispered in the guard’s ear, but nothing happened. The group stepped aside while others were let up. Mr. Williams patted his brow with a cloth, and tried again. Ms. Sohn sat down on a ledge.

Desiree Rogers-the former social secretary blamed for letting the infamous gatecrashers past White House security-floated down the stairs in a red dress, followed by a waiter with a big tray.

Mr. Williams tried again, but the security guard was unmoved, and the group finally trudged off. (They would go on to surface at the glitzier Vanity Fair party later in the night.)

D.C. Shocker: Wire Stars Barred From Capitol File’s V.I.P. Balcony