Dems launch website to counter recall Menendez partisans

Hitting back against a Tea Party group that’s trying to use the court system to recall U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-Hoboken), the Democratic State Committee launched a website to “recall reality.” 

The website went up a day before the New Jersey Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the lawsuit filed by RecallNJ and RoseAnn Salanitri, head of the Sussex County Tea Party. 

Democrats present their best shot of evidence that the Tea Partiers who want Menendez gone are an assortment of anti-science, anti-U.S. Constitution rightwing crackpots.  

“Recall NJ’s  ‘Media Chairman’ has slandered President Obama on the Resistnet Tea Party website, stating that he is a communist, that he was not born in the United States and linking him to ‘radical blacks,'” said party spokesman Rob Angelo. 

“The recall organization has expressed enthusiasm about the candidacy of Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate race, depite the fact that he opposes holding BP responsible for its oil spill and that he thinks the Civil Rights Act went too far in banning discrimination. The American Civil Rights Union – a Washington-based right-wing group with which RecallNJ is allied – strongly defends big corporate special interests in court, from tearing down corporate responsibility rules developed after Enron to supporting unlimited corporate spending in elections. RecallNJ has also received assistance in this lawsuit from the gun lobby, including groups such as Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation, which want to tear down gun control laws.”

Dems launch website to counter recall Menendez partisans