DiNapoli, Liu Announce Plans to Audit MTA

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and City Comptroller John Liu announced they’re auditing the M.T.A. to see if the “necessary track work” that disrupts transit service is actually accomplishing anything.

“We’re not necessarily saying the M.T.A. is evil here,” said Liu, at a press conference with DiNapoli at City Hall this morning, “What we are saying is that there is a problem when every year, year in year out, the same lines get take out of service roughly around the same time of the year.”

When asked if he thought the M.T.A. was not being truthful when it claims to be doing necessary track work, Liu recalled a recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend when the agency canceled the schedule work “due to this holiday.”

“That immedialty raised a flag in my mind. The M.T.A. said they needed to take the subway down because they were doing necessary track work. How is it then all of a sudden, two weeks before this major holiday, they can decide, oh well, we’re going to keep this subway open,” Liu said.

DiNapoli said the agency had been alerted before today to the audit, and that publicizing it now could yield helpful information from the public.

DiNapoli, Liu Announce Plans to Audit MTA