Does Anyone Want to Seriously Buy Newsweek?

David Carr is not high on Newsweek‘s prospects for finding many potential suitors.

He reports that Thomson Reutuers, which took an early look at buying the magazine, is no longer interested. He said that parlor game favorites like The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are also not interested.

He did find one potential buyer: “Sidney Harman, the 91-year-old pioneer in audio who made many millions as a founder of Harman Kardon, has told several people he has a serious interest in buying the magazine.”

There are others that have shown interest, but Mr. Carr makes the fairly popular point that if Donald Graham couldn’t solve Newsweek‘s problems, who can?

Newsweek has already been reinvented, downsized and digitized in almost every way imaginable,” he wrote. “If there is a move left on the board to avoid a checkmate, it’s hiding in plain sight.”


  Does Anyone Want to Seriously Buy Newsweek?