E-Book Appomattox: Amazon and Penguin Settle Bloody Feud

Amazon and Penguin came to an agreement on e-book pricing Wednesday, settling a dispute that dated back to early April, when the publisher’s previous Kindle agreement expired.

The conflict stemmed from Amazon’s instance on a $9.99 price point for digital versions of new releases, and the bookseller soon began a scorched earth campaign. Some 150 of the publisher’s new books vanished from the Kindle store immediately, and Amazon went so far as to slash prices on new Penguin hardcovers to $9.99, proving a point that remains unclear. The dispatches from the blogsphere were brutal, from Amazon Takes a Swing at Penguin to Amazon Stabs Penguin in the Throat.

Everything’s copacetic now, though neither side will release the details of the agreement. Penguin is by no means the only publisher that takes issue with Amazon’s money-losing price, and with Apple bending to publishers demands, this conflict seems far from over. We’re just excited to see Amazon’s future tactics, and the headlines. E-Book Appomattox: Amazon and Penguin Settle Bloody Feud