Elsewhere: Cuomo Rescues, ‘Love is in the Air’

The GOP convention will not be pretty.

The Economist says Cuomo has co-opted the GOP agenda, but is no outsider.

Brian Lehrer mentions Cuomo’s “immediate, uncomfortable relations he has with parts of the Democratic Party’s base.”

UPI: “Cuomo’s campaign has discussed Kenneth Starr’s contributions with federal prosecutors.”

Chris Smith quotes a Democrat: “I say this with all praise in my heart, but Andrew’s an incredibly manipulative guy.”

StateHouseRock.com: “Andrew Cuomo look like the only one capable of fixing the mess in Albany.”

Chartock: “IF I were Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, I would have to know that Andrew Cuomo means business and I’d give up a lot to make him comfortable.”

Jim Kelly hears “Love is in the Air” as GOP convention gets underway.

Pataki, unhappy.

Dickter, patriotic.

A Conservative has advice for peace activists.

Tracy Sefl watches a dangerous Memorial Day event.

Pictured above is me hard at work at some weekly newspaper. It’s been fun. Elsewhere: Cuomo Rescues, ‘Love is in the Air’