Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Coattails

Silver doesn’t sign pledges.

Cuomo doesn’t consider Silver “an obstacle.”

Cuomo will decide “down the road” whether to accept the Working Families Party endorsement.

Cuomo’s lead is “commanding.”

AP: “If elected, Cuomo would almost certainly be viewed as a potential presidential contender in the future.”

For the Democrats, Cuomo’s announcement is a mixed bag.”

Flashback: Nagourney’s piece about Cuomo entering the governor’s race…in 2001 (when Andrea Bernstein almost got arrested).

Silver says Paterson’s bill will cost $110 million, not $6 million.

Warning for Arcuri, Owens and Murphy: “if Cuomo’s win looks more like a ho-hum coronation, a lot of voters might sit this one out.”

LeaveStevie.com (Caputo and Stone tell me they’re not behind it.)

The City Council helps creates Yelp, for veterans.

Before Benjamin is gone, a replacement is found.

NRCC likes Reed’s chances.

Maffei and Owens backed Coffey for AG.

Austin Smith: FaceBook is just “an event invitation system.”

Cillizza is “regretting” but “only slightly” getting sucked into LOST.

And pictured above is a young Andrew Cuomo, from his campaign web site. The photo, for some reason, is labeled “spaceball.”

Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Coattails