Elsewhere: Donovan, Cuomo, McMahon

The LA Times thinks Cox is seeking redemption for Nixon through the current GOP Civil War.

A McMahon poll says McMahon is fine. Also, Van Hollen will talk to WFP to help McMahon.

Long Sccozzafavas Doheny.

Republicans meet Friday to set ground rules.

Donovan announces for AG on Sunday.

He’s the only Republican running for that job.

Bloomberg, Giuliani, D’Amato, and Pataki all support Donovan.

A hurdle for Fossella 2010: Conservatives, Grimm.

Hotel Trades and Tavern on the Green keep talking.

De Blasio defends Wall Street from bonus tax.

Ibrahim Khan tries protecting Democratic State Senators.

Here’s the resolution calling for a boycott of Arizona.

Cuomo sued Ivy Asset Management, saying they misled investors about Madoff.

The firm said they told clients to “reduce their exposure to Madoff.”

New York Magazine catches Cuomo’s mixed metaphors.

Some birthday gift ideas for Harold Ford.

And pictured above is Donovan, with Giuliani and a bunch of other district attorneys.

Elsewhere: Donovan, Cuomo, McMahon