Elsewhere: Levy’s Phone, Bloomberg’s Cuts


A typo may have caused the plunge.

Who exactly?

Schumer draws McCain out.

Barber won’t say what Levy says.

Levy reads POLITICO.

Vielkind’s updated GOP numbers.

Lowey may get a chairmanship.

Celest Katz art: Levy as a mouth piece.

Hikind opposes
Brodsky’s organ donor bill.

Kellner bucks Brodsky.

Bloomberg and Paterson have a budget fight.

Littlefield: “As public services are gutted in FY 2011, remember that its debt service will rise by just $340 million.”

FDNY gets cut.

DMI critiques Bloomberg’s priorities.

Coffey likes redistricting.

The world is in one borough: “This year’s biggest election battle is being waged on the lowest rung of the political ladder — a fight for a district leader post in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn.”

The Washington Independent eyes New York redistricting.

Saujani takes some abuse in the comments section.

Michael Benjamin departs [Added].

And pictured above is Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, after seeing his agency get slashed in Bloomberg’s budget.

Elsewhere: Levy’s Phone, Bloomberg’s Cuts