Elsewhere: Libous, Silver, Cuomo

Brian Ellner will takeover the Empire State Pride Agenda.

The other Cuomo supported selling wine in grocery stores.

Coffey on BloombergTV.

Levy defends the steam-roller approach.

Silver on New York Now.

Silver made a joke, apparently.

Daily Kos on Cuomo: “The longest courtship period for a candidate in recent history looks likely to come to an end within two weeks.”

Obama and Gilibrand are comfortable.

City Hall pushes soccer.

Jacobs punches Tasini, on behalf of Rangel.

Libous mocks Senate Democrats fund-raiser with Clinton. “”We raised almost $400,000 in the city last week — and we didn’t have any presidents there!”

And Christine Quinn loomed large at a Small Business Technology Summit recently. Elsewhere: Libous, Silver, Cuomo