Cuomo, not a good campaigner, says NT2.


One of Cuomos possible running mates “twisted and turned in responding to a question” about his future.

This blogger expects Republicans to pick up seats held by Owens, Arcuri and (formerly) Massa.

A Schneiderman ally hits Rice on Rockefeller drug laws.

Wrobleski: If Grimm gets the nod, Fossella is finished.

Two votes at the GOP convention for governor. “Nothing has changed,” says Carey.

Charter schools are “realigning old alliances in state politics.”

Carter predicts Cuomo gets a nod from the White House.
Confessore asks Donovan if Wall Street probes have gone too far. Donovan sort of says yes.

A crowded field awaits Espada.

Morahan is out.

Paterson predicts school budgets will get rejected.

And as parks are closing, at least one new one was opened. Photo via William Alatriste. Elsewhere: SANDRANDREW