Details Cancels Garden Party; ‘We’re Late Night!’ Says Publisher

WWD reports today that Details has replaced its annual garden party at the Bulgari hotel in Milan for Men’s fashion week with something more modest: two late-night parties.

“[The Bulgari garden party] just didn’t feel right for the brand,” publisher Bill Wackermann told WWD.

Details isn’t prime time … we’re late night,” he said.

The events will be “more on the DL and not as over-the-top,” one spokesman told WWD.

Mr. Wackermann  took over the magazine’s business side in October of last year to reorient Details.

It looks like the book still has some explaining to do to advertisers. Details ad sales are down 24.5 percent so far this year, while GQ and Esquire are up 10.6 and 15.5 percent, respectively.

Details editor Dan Peres answered some existential questions about his magazine at its faux 10th anniversary party at the Boom Boom Room back in March.

“The reality is, we’re most certainly one of the smallest magazines in the company in terms of circulation, budget, resources, head count and, to some degree, what our contribution can be and has been to the bottom line of this company,” Mr. Peres told The Observer.

Details Cancels Garden Party; ‘We’re Late Night!’ Says Publisher