People Loses Two (Five?) Senior Staffers

People editor Larry Hackett announced the departure of two high-level staffers over email today, according to Hamilton Nolan. 

Assistant managing editor Maggie Murphy is leaving to take over as the editorial director of Parade magazine, and design director Sara Williams is off to “achieve new goals,” according to Mr. Hackett’s email.

Mr. Nolan also hears that in addition to those departures announced today, a senior editor and two senior writers — Galina Espinoza, Lisa Ingrassia and Bob Meadows  — have also left the magazine recently.

Mr. Hackett’s email:

Subject: Staff announcements

It is with regret, but also the warmest best wishes, that I announce the
departures of Maggie Murphy and Sara Williams from People magazine.

Maggie is leaving to become editorial director of Parade magazine. A 17-year
veteran of Time Inc., Maggie spent 10 years at Entertainment Weekly before
stints at In Style and the resurrected Life (hey, wasn’t that a Sunday
supplement? Hmm…) before joining People in 2007. While here, in addition
to enduring chants of “that’s too EW,” she brought a steady hand to our
entertainment coverage, took the helm and raised the game of the People
Country, and found time to help improve the work/life balance for the People
edit staff. Her last day is June 3.

Since taking over the art department in late 2007, Sara has led her
team with confidence, contagious energy and steady grace. She has guided the
magazine through ambitious enterprises like Country, and crafted many
stunning and successful covers: The Michael Jackson Tribute, Barack Obama’s
election and inauguration, assorted bundles of superstar twins and, of
course, the recent Sandra Bullock blockbuster.

Having relished those professional triumphs, Sara wants to achieve new
goals. After talking things over with me, she has decided to leave her post
as Design Director at the end of the month.

The enthusiasm Maggie and Sara bring to their jobs is viral and their
dedication humbling. We have been very fortunate to have them both as
colleagues. Join me in wishing them all the best.


People Loses Two (Five?) Senior Staffers