Wired iPad Edition Starts the ‘Revolution’

The June issue of Wired has been released for the iPad, and it has more of what Graydon Carter calls “bells and whistles.”

“This is the beginning of a revolution,” said Tom Wallace, Condé Nast editorial director.

The Wired iPad edition, a 500 megabyte file (100 times the size of a typical music file), costs the price as a newsstand copy ($4.99) and features the same advertisers, according to The New York Times. Some “premium” advertisers have paid more to add a multimedia experience to their digital spots.

“We’re extremely happy with the development process and the result,” said Mr. Wallace. “We like the business model. Now, the question is, How does the consumer react?”

The Times says that, with the launch of Wired‘s app, Condé Nast is trending towards an “author once, publish everywhere” company mantra.

Wired iPad Edition Starts the ‘Revolution’