Eye Opener: Furloughs, Walk of Fame

The legislature approved a one-day furlough for state employees. [NYT]

Old pals on Elena Kagan: “the smartest” at Hunter College High School, “good at giving orders” during crew at Oxford, “a knowledgeable baseball fan” at the University of Chicago. [NYDN]

A judge declines to unseal testimony for Roman Polanski. [NYT]

The Pavement reunion concert last night in London was “triumphant,” according to Bloomberg’s music critic: “Watch out Central Park”! [Bloomberg]

A butler inherits two apartments at the Dakota. [WSJ]

The Apollo Theater gets a Walk of Fame. [Reuters]

The subway ad artist Poster Boy has been sentenced to 11 months in jail. [WSJ]

Volcano problems are not over yet. [Bloomberg]

Anne Hathaway has a type: thieving. [NYP] Eye Opener: Furloughs, Walk of Fame