Eye Opener: Journalists Be So Thick

Bomber will drop flowers into New York Harbor. [AP]

M.I.A. writes a song about Lynn Hirschberg. [Village Voice]

Luna Park opens to positive reviews. [NYDN]

Abramovic wraps up her stint at the MoMA. [NYT] 

Robots factor heavily into BP’s latest effort to stop the oil spill. [Bloomberg]

Trump University is kind of sketchy. [NYDN]

Times Square loses its last strip club. [NYM]

Bob Guccione’s old place to undergo renovations to make it even larger. [NYP]

Sex and the City 2 might be banned in Abu Dhabi. [Bloomberg]

Town and Country looks to “throw off its St. John knits for a Tory Burch tunic.” [NYT]

Someone is poaching turtles in Prospect Park. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Journalists Be So Thick