Food Feud: McNally v. New York

Restaurateur Keith McNally and New York food critic Adam Platt are busy guys, but not too busy for a little Internet feuding. Platt’s one-star review of McNally’s latest, Pulino’s, prompted an angry response from McNally; Platt has now responded to the response.

In his letter, McNally dismissed Platt as a “bald, over-weight” reactionary prejudiced against young people and fun. He also took issue with Platt’s description of the restaurateur’s personal style:

Another inaccuracy in your review is the bizarre claim that I was wearing (of all things) a cardigan? I may not be a paragon of fashion but I haven’t worn a cardigan since 1965.

To this Platt says:

I respect Mr. McNally, of course, and have praised the food and atmosphere at many of his “busy, exuberant” restaurants in the past. As always, in these cases, he is entitled to his opinion and I, as a bald, middle aged and, alas (slightly) overweight professional restaurant critic, am entitled to mine.

If there’s one thing that having little brothers taught us, it’s that getting the last word is definitely always worth it. Similar sentiments in the Platt household? Food Feud: McNally v. New York