Former Judge Goes for Schneiderman’s Seat

As Eric Schneiderman continues his campaign for attorney general, the race for his state Senate seat is getting underway.

One candidate who launched a campaign recently is Anna Lewis, was an Administrative Law Judge with the Taxi and Limousine Commission [clarified], who has the unique distinction of, when running for a Civil Court seat, being endorsed by The New York Times, and then getting kicked off the ballot. (Ballot-access junkies surely haven’t forgotten that episode.)

The campaign kicked off, somewhat quietly, on May 1, but she’s been attending candidate events for a number of weeks now. She also gave a lengthy interview on The Perez Notes.

As for campaign staff, she’s got Michael Oliva, who has an impressive record of winning judicial races.

Before you send me angry hate mail, let me acknowledge that Lewis is just one of several candidates in the race. I’ll be profiling the others shortly. In that spirit, send me information!

Former Judge Goes for Schneiderman’s Seat