Fossella Bows Out? Really?

Former Rep. Vito Fossella announced today that he will not seek election to the seat he resigned from, despite having won the Staten Island Republican committee’s endorsement last week.

Fossella said he’s “enjoyed the private sector” and the “freedom that comes with it,” and would just as soon not return to public service this election cycle.  Earlier, our own Azi Paybarah predicted that timing and redistricting would discourage Fossella from trying to return to office. Private sector freedom was, however, probably a close third, given that he left office in 2008 after he was arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, and subsequently it was uncovered that he had a girl and a kid around there–in addition to the family on Staten Island.

Today, he declined to answer a question about his love child, or to rule out future election bids.

When he was nominated last week it meant that Fossella had edged out two candidates, by a vote of 23 to 4, actively seeking the nomination. Here’s Fossella’s account of those events:

Basically, last week after the executive committee met, they nominated, put my name in nomination even though I didn’t request it to be put in nomination.  The vote was the vote, and they sent me the request and indicated that I should consider it. Up until then I really did not. But from that point to today I’ve given it deep consideration.

Video of Fossella’s statement below, courtesy of the Daily News.



Fossella Bows Out? Really?