G-Chatting with D.M.I.

As the City Council prepares to pass a major piece of legislation requiring businesses to give workers paid sick days, I interviewed the spokesman at the Drum Major Institute, one of the outlets that says the legislation is good for business.

Morris said after an adjustment was made for small businesses, the economic argument against the bill crumbled.

Here’s the interview, via Gchat:

me: what was tweaked with the bill from when it was first introduced?

Dan Morris: carve outs for small business, basically… since small business is always the sticking point when workplace standards and standard-related issues arise and businesses think it’s a cost or a burden

me: what about bloomberg’s reported opposition to the bill, how problematic will that be?
Dan Morris: but what we’ve seen in san francisco is that the policy has benefited both workers and businesses and it’s not been a burden at all… in fact, top business leaders at the chamber of commerce out there in SF are on record with the Wall Street Journal and other outlets saying this haven’t seen that specific opposition lately, actually… it’s been all about business…but the bill has veto-proof support in the council right now.

me: who in the council flipped, after the bill was tweaked?
Dan Morris: and what we’ve tried to do at DMI is take the opposition at their word and examine whether the policy will harm business… no evidence suggests that it will. I can’t speak to the specific council politics of it, since we just handle the policy side of things but can say that when you look at the evidence and data it’s clear that this is just smart policy, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, so it makes sense that support would have grown in recent months
me: is this gchat format too fast for you?
Dan: more and more data and evidence has come out from us and other nonpartisan organizations showing that it works…not too fast but i’m a flack at a wonk shop so i like to give longer answers not just sound bite-y spin
me: boo long answers!
Dan Morris: hence the slight delay in response to some questions. no, in-depth and comprehensive is fun!! 🙂

me: so who spearheaded the tweaking of this bill? (i want a lengthy answer!)

Dan Morris: ha, i thought i already said i can only speak to the policy and data and evidence… let the politicos talk politics… but even with the carve outs it’s still a good bill and will deliver tremendous benefits for working people businesses and the city as a whole
me: so on message what’s the next policy fight coming up for DMI ?

Dan Morris: hold on WNYC just called.

G-Chatting with D.M.I.