Gov’s Office: Cuomo tax plan replicates Christie’s

New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani once enjoyed an across-the-aisle alliance, and now Giuliani ally Gov. Chris Christie is gratified to report a shared over-the-river, across-the-aisle perspective on taxes with Cuomo scion Andrew Cuomo, a Democratic candidate for governor.  

“Just weeks after Governor Chris Christie announced his Cap 2.5 Reform Agenda to bring real property tax relief to New Jerseyans, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in New York is embracing Governor Christie’s approach to cap property taxes, control skyrocketing costs, and make services affordable for taxpayers again,” Christie press secretary Michael Drewniak sad in a release. 

“While announcing his candidacy for governor of New York, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo released his plan to cap property tax increases, including key elements of Governor Christie’s well-received plan.”

Drewniak said Cuomo proposed capping state spending and limiting property tax increses to no more than two percent annually, or the rate of inflation.

Ben Dworkin, executive director of Rider University’s David Rebovich Institute of NJ Politics, said Christie cannot take too much credit for imposing his imprint on Cuomo’s proposal.

“There was a four percent cap before, so it’s not like the governor is the first one to come up with a cap,” said Dworkin.  Gov’s Office: Cuomo tax plan replicates Christie’s