Grimm Hit Back at Defectors Who Question His Integrity

Two district leaders featured on the campaign literature of GOP challenger Mike Grimm say they never offered to help him. In departing, the district leaders apparently questioned Grimm’s integrity, a former FBI agent and soldier who saw conflict in Desert Storm.

Grimm, in response, fired off this particularly harsh statement:

At a meeting on May 1st, 2010 in Bay Ridge, two Republican district leaders from Brooklyn gave me their commitment to serve on a committee for a fundraiser scheduled for June 1st.  Following the release of the committee member names to the press, I have learned that these district leaders where called to a meeting by higher level leaders of the Brooklyn Republican Party. At this meeting these district leaders received a great deal of pressure to take back their support of my campaign, which went as far as one of their jobs being threatened.

This is wrong and I will not accept it.  My opponents have every right to challenge me on ideas and issues, but they do not have the right to threaten my supporters.”

Character, it seems, is the issue the Grimm campaign wants to spotlight.

Grimm Hit Back at Defectors Who Question His Integrity