Haim Saban Takes a Look at Newsweek

Reuters and Politico, you have company!

The media-investing billionaire Haim Saban says he might be interested in Newsweek. The Journal reports that Mr. Saban expressed interest in buying the magazine two years ago, and now that it is actually for sale he is reviewing the financials.

Mr. Saban received documents from Newsweek‘s bankers earlier this week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Saban said that, according to Allen & Company, there are at least 70 parties taking a look at the magazine.

Mr. Saban said when a brand like Newsweek is up for sale, “people are there with enough money that would like to have a say in what happens in the world, and are willing to pay the price.” As for his interest, Mr. Saban was non-committal. “If we believe it’s an opportunity, we’ll make a move and if we don’t believe it’s an opportunity then we won’t,” he said.

It’s still very early, but at least there’s interest. Haim Saban Takes a Look at Newsweek