Is Steven Rattner Interested in Newsweek?

Last week, Jon Meacham told The Observer that he had voicemails from two billionaires shortly after the announcement that his magazine was for sale.

Mr. Mecham was spotted on Tuesday afternoon at Michael’s eating lunch with Steven Rattner, according to Memo Pad.

The former Quadrangle Group executive — whose star has been severely tarnished by the investigation by the New York State Attorney General and the Securities and Exchange Commission into his involvement in a pension kickback scandal — certainly knows the print world since he was a reporter at The New York Times before moving into finance and since Quadrangle made several media deals while he was there.

Maybe Mr. Rattner was one of the billionaires (is Rattner even a billionaire anymore?) lighting up Mr. Meacham’s voicemail. Carlos Slim certainly wasn’t.

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Is Steven Rattner Interested in Newsweek?