Items! Math, Web of Lies

Facebook now has 500 million users.

NYPD to get Tonys.

The Brooklyn Grange is in Queens, but that’s not its only problem.

Rachel Sklar attempts to curry favor with robots.

Emily Gould goes shopping.

What’s the deal with the new Nell’s?

A 16-minute Dior commercial directed by David Lynch

Math is useful! Graphing the “half your age, plus seven” rule.

A kid trying to bluff his way into Harvard was caught by his “web of lies and deceit.”

“Most college graduates are vegetarians and will become cranky or upset if offered meat.”

James Franco: It’s always something.

British humor: Dry to the point of seriousness.

Baby hedgehogs: Less cute and more terrifying than one might expect. Items! Math, Web of Lies