Times’ Sunday Styles ‘A Night Out With’ Column to Get a Makeover, Name Change

The Times‘ Sunday Styles feature “A Night Out With” is going to be slightly renovated, Styles editor Stuart Emmrich told The Observer via email today.

The now bi-weekly feature is usually a 500 to 600 word item, in which a Times writer has dinner or drinks with a celebrity and writes up the item and details all the silly/illuminating/incriminating things they say. Publicists, no doubt, love it. As nearly as we can tell, the column started appearing in Styles in 1998.

There will be a few changes. For one, Mr. Emmrich is changing the name. The new name is undecided. The feature has been alternating with the Boite column, which is usually about a bar or a club. Boite, which also will get a name change, will appear exclusively on Thursdays starting soon, and the new Night Out column will appear every Sunday.

As far as Night Out With is concerned, Mr. Emmrich said that, “The name will change — to give us flexibility to cover some of our subjects during the day, say at lunch — but we haven’t come up with a new one yet.”

As with Boite: “Meanwhile, Boite — also getting a name change at some point — will soon be moving to Thursday Styles. I just felt that a column about going to the hot new club didn’t make a lot of sense on Sunday morning, when a lot of readers might be recovering from a weekend out on the town, as opposed to Thursday, when they are beginning to make those weekend plans.”

  Times’ Sunday Styles ‘A Night Out With’ Column to Get a Makeover, Name Change