Jane Friedman’s Open Road Buys Its First New Book

Former HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman has bought her first new book in quite a while: It’s called Negotiating With Evil: When to Talk to Terrorists, by former diplomat Mitchell Reiss.

Friedman left HarperCollins abruptly two years ago, and last year founded Open Road Integrated Media, which bills itself as “a digital content company that publishes and markets ebooks by creating connections between authors and their audience.” So far Open Road has focused on acquiring literary estates, like William Styron’s. Negotiating With Evil will be their first original release.

According to the AP:

Reiss said he was “totally captivated by the revolutionary idea [Friedman] had to change the publishing industry.”…

Reiss will receive no advance, but will share 50 percent of the profits, double what traditional publishers usually offer for e-books, a core source of tension with authors and agents who believe that 50 percent should be the standard.

Friedman said that her “traditional and nontraditional” marketing plans include including reviews, TV, blogging and “exciting” videos.

The e-book will be out in September, followed shortly by a paperback edition. Jane Friedman’s Open Road Buys Its First New Book