Jon Meacham Questions Times Editorial Decision

Jon Meacham was on Morning Joe today discussing one small gaffe within The New York Times’ scoop about Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his presentation of his military service in Vietnam.

Mr. Blumenthal, who is running for the senate, has been saying that he served in Vietnam when he was really in the Marine Corps Reserves.

The Times presented a video of Mr. Blumenthal alongside its article that shows him referencing his service in Vietnam. An unedtied version of the video, however, shows Mr. Blumenthal presenting the realities of his militarty career in a more complete way.

Mr. Meacham said he didn’t understand why The Times would cut the video at all. “Why you wouldn’t put that out there on the record in full context I don’t understand because you don’t want this conversation,” said Mr. Meacham.


(via Politico) Jon Meacham Questions Times Editorial Decision