Kathe Donovan’s letter to Dennis McNerney

Please note Kathe Donovan’s letter to Dennis McNerney which was hand delivered this afternoon.  It is in response to Mr. McNerney’s latest irresponsible press release regarding “blue laws” which was posted earlier today on PolitickerNJ.com.  Ms. Donovan had refrained from responding to earlier rants but Mr. McNerney’s total and reckless disregard for the truth demand that he be put on notice.  Mr. McNerney is entitled to his own opinions but not entitled to make up his own facts.


May 14, 2010

Dennis McNerney
County Executive
1 Bergen County Plaza
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601


I just read your weekly rant regarding the Blue Laws. As you know, I strongly oppose repeal of the Blue Laws and presume that your colleague Senator Sarlo will exercise his clout as chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and make certain that this ill-conceived plan is stricken from the budget which is sent to the Governor by the legislature.

In the meantime, I would ask that you stop protecting two New York City billionaires and join with me in demanding that they share their windfall profit from the sale of Personal Seat Licenses. According to newspaper reports these billionaires have pocketed $800 million from Jets and Giants fans. You should be demanding that these billionaires pay their fair share.

And please stop lying about my proposal which was originally made in November, 2008. At that time I wrote to Governor Corzine that ” … At a time when practically every individual and business in New Jersey will be asked to make a significant sacrifice, is it too much to ask that the New York Jets and New York Giants share a portion of their windfall profits with the very people who are providing them with enormous taxpayer generated subsidies … ?” Dennis, nothing has changed except now you are asking hard working county employees to shoulder the burden by threatening layoffs, etc. while protecting your New York billionaire buddies.

Dennis it’s time for you to start running on your record and stop lying about mine. To help you out I am attaching a copy of my initial letter to Governor Corzine and my letter of March 24 to Governor Christie.


Kathleen A. Donovan

Kathe Donovan’s letter to Dennis McNerney