Kathleen Rice and Crime in Nassau

Kathleen Rice officially kicked off her campaign for attorney general today, putting emphasis on her record of fighting crime as a prosecutor in Brooklyn and, most recently, as the Nassau County district attorney. One of her rivals is arguing that Rice should be judged based on the crime rates in her county during her tenure.

So, here’s a chart from the state Department of Criminal Justice showing that since Rice took office in 2006 [clarified], the number of overall arrests in Nassau have, for the most part, gone up.

More arrests were made in 2006 than in 2009, which, one could argue, is a sign of effective policing. But those statistics could also suggest that preventative crime measures have not had a demonstrative effect. Crime, interestingly, went down in most categories (felony drugs, feloney DWIs), but went up most significantly in categories like misdemeanor property arrests.

A more detailed breakdown is available at the Nassau Police Department web site. Kathleen Rice and Crime in Nassau