Like governor’s numbers, NJEA unfavorables on the uptick in FDU poll

As Governor Chris Christie’s numbers declined in this week’s Fairleigh Dickinson University poll, so too did the favorables of the governor’s nemesis of choice: the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

According to a PublicMind poll, a third of voters (33%) have a favorable opinion of the statewide teachers’ union. Fifteen percent have a “very favorable” opinion of the teachers’ union. 

But 44% have an unfavorable opinion of the association, including one-quarter (26%) whose view is “very unfavorable.”  These results changed from a March 30th measurement, where 35% had a favorable opinion and 35%, had an unfavorable opinion of the NJEA.

“It is unusual for any one interest group to be front and center for such a sustained time in state politics,” said Peter Woolley, a political scientist and director of the poll. “It is even more unusual that a candidate, party or interest group investing so much in advertising and organizing would lose ground.” 

In other results from the same poll, 90% (85%) have not heard of or have no opinion of the outspoken leader of teachers’ union leader Barbara Keshishian. 

Fifty-one percent of all voters agree that two to three years is enough time to evaluate a new teacher for tenure, while 40% say it’s not enough time. But public employee households by a margin of 2-to-1 (63-31) say it’s enough time while other voters split on the issue (47-43).

Fifty-three percent of voters agree one pay scale for all teachers is best, while 38% say teachers of some subjects, like science and math, should be paid more. Voters in public employee households by 2-to-1 agree it should be one pay scale for all, while other voters agree by just a 5-to-4 margin.

Like governor’s numbers, NJEA unfavorables on the uptick in FDU poll