Llama Love: Gruff Real Estate Mogul Shows Soft Spot

“Animal lover” is not the first phrase that comes to mind when describing Barry Gosin, gruff, no-nonsense principal and CEO of one of the city’s largest real estate brokerages, Newmark Knight Frank. But come June, Mr. Gosin will be the owner of three darling llamas named Lilly, Toulouse and Buck, the latter such named because of his very large teeth.

Mr. Gosin is getting the llamas as part of his purchase of the $9.4 million Rockledge Estate, a sprawling 26-acre, four-house property in Bedford, N.Y., from fellow real estate bigwigs Daun Paris and Peter Hauspurg, the married couple that owns Eastern Consolidated.

Now that the Paris-Hauspurgs’ kids are grown, they’ll split their time between two homes-a smaller house in the same area, and an apartment in Lenny Litwin‘s Grand Tier on Broadway and 65th Street. Their cat and dog will move with them. But Lily, Toulouse and Buck-originally from the Peruvian Andes, who know their own names and who, every day around 4 p.m., like to stand atop the hill and watch the sun set-will have a new master.

“It’s not because I have grandkids,” huffed Mr. Gosin, when asked if that was the reason he might want to keep the llamas. “It’s because they were on the property. What am I going to do, kick them off?”

“I guess it’s part of the karma,” he continued, reluctantly. “Anyway, I am really uncomfortable talking about this. It is what it is.”

And so the conversation was.

Llama ownership is actually a quite common phenomenon on Bedford estates.

“We got them from someone who sold their property,” Mr. Hauspurg said. “They had a lot of llamas in a small enclosure. The buyer didn’t want them, so we took two; the rest scattered to other people’s farms, and then we picked up Toulouse most recently because someone again had moved out. New buyer. Didn’t want to hear from llamas.”

The animals are sweet but skittish, and until they learn to trust Mr. Gosin, they will not eat from his hand.

“He seems to want them,” said Mr. Hauspurg of Mr. Gosin. “Believe or not, there are always people around who are happy to take on extra animals, be it horses or cows or llamas. [Investor] Michael Steinhardt lives jut down the street with a complete zoo.

Llama Love: Gruff Real Estate Mogul Shows Soft Spot