Lloyd Blankfein is Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

Expect to see a lot of Lloyd Blankfein on your television in the coming months.

After last week’s interminable Senate hearing, the Goldman Sachs C.E.O. stayed late to face the music from the financial news outlets and even the network morning shows. Apparently, that was only the beginning.

On Friday, the man of many wonderful faces told Charlie Rose he plans to be a more public face for his embattled company.

“We’re very important but the public doesn’t see that,” said Mr. Blankfein, who said the firm has always dealt with institutional clients and so it’s remained a little aloof from the American public. Now that the S.E.C. is accusing it of fraud, that’s going to change.

“It’s a huge challenge. I have to say, it’s my deficiency. But how often have you seen me on television–on general interest news shows?” he asked.

“Never,” said Mr. Rose.

“You know something, that was a probably a mistake. But now you see that we have a lot of work to do explaining to people what it is that we do. And we’re starting from a hole,” he said.

Of course, the hole isn’t all the S.E.C.’s fault. As Max Abelson noted two months ago, Goldman’s p.r. prince hasn’t made the firm a lot of friends. And, of course, Mr. Blankfein has done some digging of his own.

Lloyd Blankfein is Taking Matters Into His Own Hands