Magazine Ad Totals (Finally!) Going Up Again

Media magazine stats guru Steve Cohn is reporting that for the first time since 2007, he’s noticed a quarter-to-quarter increase in monthly magazine ads.

Mr. Cohn writes:

The May 17 Media Industry Newsletter reports a cumulative 5.13% ad-page gain for the 150 measured monthlies in second-quarter 2010-versus-2009. This is the first quarterly increase since fourth-quarter-2007’s +3.84% and the best performance for any period since fourth-quarter-2004’s +8.04%.

June 2010 differential is +8.07%, while the first half remains down fractionally.

After plenty of cutting and cutting and cutting, this means there’s a lot of celebrating going on at the big magazine publishing houses around town. Last October, Condé Nast editorial director Tom Wallace said that the company had cut so much that if 2010 looked even slightly better, so would Condé Nast’s bottom line:

If 2010 repeats ’09, which is a bad year, we’re fine. Even if there’s a double dip. We’re prepared for it. If there’s any improvement at all, we’ll be in extremely good shape.

Magazine Ad Totals (Finally!) Going Up Again