Molinaro Mum on Donovan

One of attorney general candidate Dan Donovan’s biggest achievements as Richmond County’s district attorney was the successful prosecution, in a 2006 case, against the grandson of his one-time mentor, Jim Molinaro, now the Staten Island borough president.

So enraged was Molinaro that he ran ads in the Staten Island Advance trashing Donvan.

Donovan, who was then re-elected in a landslide, says the case proves how impartial and non-political he is.

Now, Donovan is vowing to clean up Albany. Reminding voters statewide of this episode could bolster Donovan’s claims that he’s serious about cleaning up corruption on both sides of the aisle in Albany.

A timely outburst from Molinaro, one day after Donovan officially launched his attorney general campaign, would, politically, be perfect.

But when I called Molinaro’s office and asked if he’d chat about the race and who he was backing, through a spokeswoman he declined to comment. Molinaro Mum on Donovan