VSL// This site makes a playlist to fit your mood

Thanks to inventions like the iPod, we have the ability to compose our own personal soundtrack for everyday life. But for those of us who don’t have the time to create separate lists for every feeling or activity, there’s StereoMood, which provides excellently curated—and free!—playlists that should suit just about any mood you may be in (or hope to be in).

There are certainly lots of options, as the site goes beyond basic emotional states (though it does include the requisite “Happy” and “Sad”) and into specifics, like “Feel Like Crying” (a 260-song list that includes Tom Waits, the Pixies and Blonde Redhead) or “Hopeful” (Sigur Rós, David Bowie); it also supplies lists for particular occasions or activities, like “It’s Raining,” “Spring Cleaning” and “Driving Route 66” (Bob Dylan, natch). You can shuffle the lists—which have a healthy amount of variety when it comes to artist and time period—to your liking; register (also for free!) to add and update your own; or just sit back and let the site program the day’s soundtrack for you.

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