More Reasons Enron Failed

Today Bloomberg collects yet more possible causes for the failure of Enron on Broadway.

For example:

“Since 9/11 the insular Americans have become terribly sensitive to criticism,” Jerry de Groot wrote in the Telegraph. “They don’t mind when Jon Stewart dumps bucketloads of heavy- handed political satire on the ‘Daily Show,’ but they get tetchy when the criticism is delivered with an English accent.”


“We opened with a sizable advance, but we ate into it during previews,” [producer Jeffrey Richards] said. “Then the Goldman Sachs hearings began. Suddenly we were competing with reality.”

This is something of a stretch, though fatigue with business malfeasance may indeed be one reason the show didn’t catch on.

We are sticking with “America is not yet ready for an elaborately-staged docudrama of economic woe.” More Reasons Enron Failed