Morning Read: Cuomo Aims at Albany

Day 1 is too late to change Albany, Andrew Cuomo campaign aides say.

Ed Koch predicts Sheldon Silver will help Andrew Cuomo, or there’ll be “war.”

Gershman: “Despite Mr. Cuomo’s blistering attacks on their performance and ethics, Democratic state lawmakers have rallied behind the attorney general’s candidacy.”

Seifman: “Andrew Cuomo spent his first day on the campaign trail yesterday warning that legislators who won’t embrace sweeping reforms in Albany had better start thinking of new careers.”

Ravitch: “I’m not getting involved in the campaign. I’ve got a budget to get done.”

The headline on Fred Dicker’s column about Cuomo refers to “destiny’s child.”

Cuomo’s inner circle includes Jennifer Cunningham.

Odato: “Teacher and public employee union officials said they are not jumping to endorse Cuomo.”

Cuomo “declined to say whether Sheldon Silver, the powerful Assembly speaker, should remain in his job.”

New York Post: “Please, Andrew: Take great care with your lieutenant-governor selection.”

Daily News: Cuomo’s “biggest opponents” are “the 139 fellow Democrats” in Albany. Also, Cuomo “must reject” the WFP’s endorsement.

New York Times: Democrats should add every AG candidate to the ballot.

The WFP wants Alec Baldwin to run for governor, since Cuomo may snub them.

Silver, Wright, Nolan, and Brennan are among the anti-charter lawmakers who went to private school.

Spector: “The state Democratic convention will be a coronation. The Republican version will be a war.”

Rush & Molloy say Cox is sabotaging the 2010 senate race in order to run in 2012.

Vielkind says Democrats still have a slate to put together.

Tumulty: “[Rep. Dan] Maffei spent the most communicating with constituents through mass mailings, blast e-mails, automated phone calls and telephone town halls.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is hit for her web site, that looks like she has an endorsement from Hillary Clinton.

Wrobleski talks to a GOP critic of Vito Fossella: “He’s not campaigning, he’s not raising money, he’s not talking to voters,” and “That’s not a recipe for winning a campaign.”

Vito Lopez: “I believe the power of county leaders is diminishing.”
Jasser: “The World Trade Center site represents Ground Zero in America’s war against radical Islamists who seek to destroy the American way of life. It is not ground zero of a cultural exchange.”

Crouch: “Once young women cease accepting the “culture” of sagging pants and refuse to go out with men who look like fools, we will all be shocked by just how fast it will all end.” Morning Read: Cuomo Aims at Albany