Morning Read: Cuomo Makes Nice

Michael Gormley: “The similarities shared by Cuomo and Spitzer, from the charisma to past bosses to their daughters, are almost eerie.”

Vielkind: “How will the [Democratic Party] unify around a message of wholesale change when its standard-bearer is attacking a government it controls?

Podhoretz: “The problem is that now he can’t keep his mouth shut — and in the past, when Andrew Cuomo has opened his mouth without caution.”

Cuomo said he had no plans to oust Sheldon Silver. The speaker is coming around to Cuomo’s fiscal plan.

Former Syracuse Housing Authority Director Jefferson St. Murphy, on Cuomo: “most housing authority directors were not big fans of his. You wonder how solidly on the ground his thoughts were.”

Steve Levy’s fiscal conservatism: “He has relied heavily on one-shot revenues to cover deficits, including trading future receipts from the nationwide tobacco settlement for $219 million in budget relief between 2008 and 2013. And he increasingly borrowed for short term capital projects, ignoring a county law requiring “pay-as-you-go” financing.”

GOP worries: “They’ll raise millions of dollars using Vito Fossella, and hammer every Republican candidate in every state in the country.”

Anthony Weiner called on the White House to reveal information about a reported offer they made to Joe Sestak.

Annette Robinson and Darryl Towns want cops to shoot-to-wound. Coups don’t like it.

Daily News: “In a stunning show of hypocrisy, two-thirds of the New York City lawmakers who voted to disclose how much they earn moonlighting now refuse to make the numbers public.”

List of lawmakers who won’t reveal their outside sources of income.

Bloomberg doesn’t like living wage legislation in the City Council.

It’s a nice idea but is poorly thought out and will not work.”

Assembly Democrats try reaching a deal on charter schools.

Stringer hits back at a crazy Tea Party loudmouth.

State parks, still not open.

Opening the parks would “require sacrifices,” said David Paterson.

Frederick Schwartz wants the Charter Revision Commission to make it impossible for sitting lawmakers to tweak the city’s term limits law.

UAW Local 624 President Scott Stanton broke union rules and personally endorsed a candidate for mayor while his union remained neutral. Stanton later declined to show up to a scheduled interview to discuss the issue.

A Syracuse lawmaker complains about a colleague: “Think hogan is just going to continue to act as a terrorist though, I suppose I fuel him.”

Neil Breslin gets another challenger.

And although most people say we should use “nydemcon” as the hashtag for the Democratic Convention, one reader offers another suggestion: Cuomorama. Morning Read: Cuomo Makes Nice