Morning Read: Kagan & Obama, Cuomo & WFP

Andrew Cuomo “has told people he will accept the Party’s support in his gubernatorial campaign if other candidates do as well.”

The WFP wants to know all the candidates stance on charter schools.

Cuomo hung out with deep-pocketed charter school activist.

The Post hopes Cuomo stays away from the WFP.

Michael Bloomberg aides tried to discourage David Paterson from visiting the scene of the S.I. ferry crash, says Fred Dicker.

The city has $600 million to pay for pension costs.

Barack Obama will nominate West Side native Elana Kagan as a Supreme Court justice.

Kagan would be the youngest justice on the SCOTUS.

She once was Liz Holtzman’s press secretary.

An “intense” confirmation hearing is expected.

There aren’t a lot of Supreme Sourt justices not from New York.

Steve Levy and Carl Paladino are going up with ads.

For the New York GOP, 2010 is like 2006.

If Staten Island DA Dan Donovan becomes AG, the new governor will pick Donovan’s replacement.

Times Union says “Democrats are acting just like the Republicans did” and stymieing reform.

Schumer’s campaign put donations in a bank, and collects millions in interest.

Bloomberg wants security tips from London.

Hillary said she has a “great relationship” with Obama.

“There will be blood.” A hawkish front page news article pushes Obama on Pakistan.

Pakistanis here are in fear.

Knickerbocker SKD’s Eric Pugatch got married. So did Jen Psaki, who briefly worked for Rep. Joe Crowley.

Paterson gets a place on Newsday‘s wood.

And school board politics, on the front page.

Morning Read: Kagan & Obama, Cuomo & WFP