Morning Read: Lazio Picks an LG, Molinari Picks a Fight

Chuck Schumer’s discourteous rise to (almost) majority leader, via Jason Horowitz.

Tuesday was about anti-liberalism, not anti-incumbency, says Andrea Tantaros.

Democrats, not Republicans, are in danger from angry voters, says Fred Barnes.

Post: “None of this augurs well for President Obama.”

Matt Bai: Insurgency is mainstream, clearing the field is passe, and issues have been replaced by “a politics of personal conviction.”

EJ McMahon: Approval of school budgets by voters recently offer David Paterson “a moral victory,” since the governor cut school aide by about 5 percent.

Goodbye overtime.

The Spitzer documentary gets picked up for distribution by Mark Cuban’s firm.

Guy Molinari welcomes Vito Fossella to the race: “It’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be nasty, but he has to know that would come out in the course of a campaign. Everything he has done will be brought to light by me in this campaign.”

Molinari: “There’s a lack of morality that’s going to be an issue in this campaign.”

Molinari: “I will be out there knocking his brains out.”

S.I. G.O.P. chairman said Fossella had the best chance of defeating Rep. Mike McMahon.

Ashok asks, “Does a Giuliani endorsement carry no weight?”

Domenic Recchia raised money for McMahon.

Andrew Cuomo wants direct elections to fill statewide vacancies.

John Faso is the subject of Cuomo’s pension probe.

The head of the Intrepid abruptly resigned amid a related Cuomo probe.

Bob Lieber, one of Michael Bloomberg’s aides, is leaving to work with Andrew Farkas, once a close friend of Cuomo.

Lieber is the third deputy mayor to announce his departure at a time when city government is cutting budgets and is less able to embark on grand plans.”

A grand jury has been empaneled in the Manhattan DA’s probe of payments to a Republican operative made by Michael Bloomberg’s campaign.

Rick Lazio’s running mate: Greg Edwards.

Edwards offers the Lazio ticket geographical diversity and executive experience.

Efrain Gonzalez wants to be sentenced like Joe Bruno.

Most politicians travel by bus or plane. Carl Paladino is taking a boat.

David Malpass gets noticed by Buffalo News.

Looks like no G.O.P. primary for Dan Donovan.

A revised soda tax would spare the diet drinks.

Goldman Sachs loses the M.T.A. as a client.

Randi Weingarten: “The federal government didn’t let Wall Street fail. Why would we do less for our public schools.”

And here’s Bloomberg in 2008, saying he’d consider supporting Fossella if he ran for election that year. Morning Read: Lazio Picks an LG, Molinari Picks a Fight