Morning Read: Parks Close, Raises Given, Clinton Encourages

Bill Clinton “absolutely” wants the Assembly to lift the cap on charter schools.

Clinton’s support adds pressure on Sheldon Silver, says the Post.

Blame Silver for the late budget, says Bill Hammond.

Leaders meet with David Paterson to discuss the budget.

“This kills me,” Paterson said at the opening of a new park while the state’s budget crisis forced him to close dozens more.

State workers got raises.

Enough Already.”

Fred Dicker doesn’t think the published report of Andrew Cuomo’s short list is accurate.

Randi Weingarten altered Arne Duncan’s itinerary in New York.

No blogging or Tweeting for Bernie Kerik in jail.

Kerik is now inmate 84888-054.

Bloomberg spared 20 fire companies, for now.

Mike Arcuri said he’s running for re-election.

Arcuri defended his vote against health care reform.

Of the 290,000 new jobs reported by the Labor Department, 66,000 were temp jobs created by the Census.

Tom DiNapoli decries the ‘wasted time,’ in Albany.

A second mosque is eyed near Ground Zero.

Bronx for Change is really the old guard: Peter Rivera, Jose Rivera, etc.

Law & Order finale is titled ‘Ruber Room.’

Newspaper survival! “A vengeful mystery publication, criticized for its often racist and misogynistic scribings, now has a face — and a potential buyer.” It is Frank Parlato Jr.

And pictured above is the front page of Newsday, who’s story puts the focus on layoffs. Morning Read: Parks Close, Raises Given, Clinton Encourages