Morning Read: Working Silver, Dissing Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly testify in Congress today.

Sean Hannity disses Jerry Nadler and Bloomberg. Hannity’s guest: “Bloomberg is becoming a disgrace.”

Times Square terrorist confesses.

Daily News: “Officials believe the mixup in letting the terror suspect board the flight was the airline’s fault.”

More on the No Fly list loophole.

White House officials confirmed the only thing that foiled Shahzad’s getaway was a final check of the flight manifest by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer, who caught the suspect’s name.”

The S.I. Ferry may have also been a target.

Next hurdle for lifting the charter school cap: Sheldon Silver

Next weapon for lifting the charter school cap: Patricia Lynch

GOP problems. “The national party is so concerned that Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, traveled to Manhattan recently for an emergency meeting with Mr. Cox.”

Wayne Mahlke, allegedly, to a cop: “I’m higher ranking than you. I work for Mayor Bloomberg.”

The governor said the furlough measure would save the state about $30 million, marking the first time the administration has cut costs this fiscal year, as opposed to deferring them.”

Paterson: “[The unions] are basically telling us that they shouldn’t take a cut at all.”

The state’s furlough target date is May 17.

Because the state’s Constitution severely limits the ability of the Legislature to amend budget bills, lawmakers will face a choice between approving furloughs and rejecting the emergency bill.”

Jay Jochnowitz notices Rick Lazio’s internal memo touting the use of “misinformation” to derail health care in 1994.

Errol Louis called the anti-corruption bill introduced by Eric Schneiderman and Cy Vance “a keeper” [no link].

League of Conservation Voters will support allowing wine in grocery stores.

Jimmy Vacca talks to Streetsblog.

Inside the Joe Bruno investigation.

More fallout for Malcolm Smith’s “oblivion” remark. “To be sure, oblivion is where voters should send state lawmakers who stand against reforming Albany.”

The Post on Michael Mulgrew: “petulant, strutting bully.”

Jay Kriegel remembers his former boss, John Lindsay.

Michael Goodwin disses POLITICO.

The WFP picks a fight with Arizona.

Uma Thurman upstaged George Pataki.

And does anybody know why Bob Kerrey was in City Hall yesterday? Morning Read: Working Silver, Dissing Bloomberg