NB: Many BroBos Also BloBos

The BroBo demographic (young, privileged, self-satisfied, Brooklyn-dwelling) shares another characteristic not mentioned in Leon Neyfakh’s original story: they love to blog. The internet their electronic Boerum Hill, basically.

So, what did the blog dwellers make of “BroBos in Paradise”?

They deemed it “almost as old and predictable as the ‘news’ that some people like living in (the trendier, whiter neighborhoods of) Brooklyn.” They found it “chock full of deliberately annoying quotes from maddeningly self-aware New Yorkers, as if specifically catering to eye-rolling reblogs just like this one.” Self-awareness, the plague of the Brooklynite blogger! As in: “mostly I dig this sort of shit b/c I’m fascinated by the process of creating a non-story story out of thin air, that ends up getting picked up by every major blog and news outlet.”

“Brooklyn was pretty cool until I started reading all the analysis of it,” Gawker lamented. “Now I hate it.”

We are sensing some hostility!

We are unable to resist a snappy little neologism. We give you: the BloBos.

  NB: Many BroBos Also BloBos