Not Everyone Is Happy With Opening Parks This Weekend

The deal reached in Albany to open state parks this weekend is angering … environmentalists.

They’re upset that the money to keep state parks open is, in part, being taken out of the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).

The “EPF represents less than one percent of the State’s budget, so our environment and health will be hurt without any significant reduction in the State’s $9.2 billion deficit,” said Richard Amper, the chairman of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum.

Republicans are also upset because, as Tom Precious points out, an additional $4 million to help keep parks open “came from tax and fee hikes on business.”

But the deal comes just in time to get parks open in advance of Memorial Day, and that, for members of the Legislature, is one way to earn some goodwill when the public’s fury at state government seems to be creeping to an all-time high.

“Closures would have had a devastating effect on communities dependent on those jobs and tourism revenue,” said Pedro Espada Jr. Not Everyone Is Happy With Opening Parks This Weekend