Opening This Weekend: MacGruber to Feebly Attempt to Disarm Shrek

Wondering what movie to spend your hard earned money on this weekend? Here’s a handy guide to the new releases.

Shrek: The Final Chapter

What’s the story: Because three Shrek films weren’t enough, Dreamworks Animation brings the fourth installment to theaters. And considering the last one grossed nearly $800 million worldwide, who can blame them? This time around, Shrek the Ogre winds up in an alternate-reality where Rumpelstiltskin is king. So, it’s like Lost but not really. Anyway! Originally titled Shrek Forever After (we don’t get it either), Shrek: The Final Chapter is supposed to be just that: The final chapter. Though when this thing grosses a ka-billion dollars, don’t be surprised when Shrek: We Were Just Kidding reaches theaters in 2015.

Who should see it: Pied Piper.


What’s the story: If Hollywood can base movies on video games and theme park rides, why not a 30-second Saturday Night Live skit? You might want to scoff at the existence of MacGruber, but keep in mind that not only does it star the very funny duo of Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, but also Val Kilmer playing a villain with a name that can’t be printed here. (Hint: It starts with the letter-C.) Directed by Jorma Taccone — better known as one of the three guys in The Lonely Island comedy troupe — and blessed with a hard-R rating, MacGruber feels destined to echo through the halls of dorm rooms for years to come.

Who should see it: The Target Lady.

Also opening this weekend: Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha (a.k.a. the fourth guy in The Hangover) star as Hasidic ecstasy dealers in the nostalgia-tinged drama, Holy Rollers, while Michael Douglas sinks his teeth into the meaty Solitary Man.

Opening This Weekend: MacGruber to Feebly Attempt to Disarm Shrek