Pintella heads into Tuesday with Hopkins

TRENTON – Council President Paul Pintella welcomed future Hall of Fame boxer Bernard Hopkins to Trenton today for a ring walk into Tuesday’s mayoral election.

“People are desperate right now,” said Hopkins, moments after signing gloves for a fan at Pintella campaign headquarters.

“People need to feel as though the person they’re supporting has the know-how and experience to make a difference in their lives, and that’s why I’m up here supporting Paul Pintella.”

Seated in the room with the candidate and the Philadelphia legend was former New Jersey State Athletic Control Board commissioner Larry Hazzard.

“I think the term ‘politician’ has such a negative connotation – it’s difficult for people to find someone who can defy that – someone who creates his own definition, but that’s what people want,” said Hopkins. “When you got a guy who’s running with ideas that people can relate to, they’re going to vote for him without hesitation.”

The council president affixed a “Pintella” pin on the jacket lapel of Hopkins, who wants to fight twice more before retiring and has no plans to run for elected office.

“I want to do things like this – community organizing,” he said.

“I’m very happy to have him here,” said Pintella, preparing to head out on the trail with the boxer this afternoon. 

Throughout the City of Trenton today, the pent up emblems of campaign season spilled into the streets a day before Election Day as ten candidates vie to succeed Mayor Doug Palmer in a 50% plus one contest.

“Vote for John Harmon,” boomed a voice on a truck-mounted megaphone. “He’s never been an elected official. He’s never been a Tea Party member.”

In the busy downtown campaign headquarters of DPW Director Eric Jackson, the candidate’s late infusion of cash was evident as campaign workers hum with purpose. Jackson sponsored an outdoor concert over the weekend, and now vies with his old friend Pintella to be the local establishment candidate and stop an incursion by either former Mercer County Freeholder Tony Mack or At-Large Councilman Manuel Segura.

Also in the race: Mercer County Freeholder Keith Hamilton, West Ward Councilwoman Annette Lartigue, Board of Education Vice President Alex Brown, activist/author Shahid Watson, and businessman Frank Weeden. Pintella heads into Tuesday with Hopkins